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6 Important Points Most

Directors Don't Realise About Liquidation

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Kevin Pritchard

Here is What You'll Learn

Validation Orders

If you need to access funds locked in a frozen bank account, it can be an expensive process. Let us guide you.

Preference Payments

One type of transaction that comes under scrutiny during a liquidation is preferential payments. We'll run you through the risks and pitfalls.

Directors Overdrawn Loan Accounts

If you have an overdrawn loan account, there are risks you need to be aware of when considering liquidation.

Directors Conduct Allegations

Most directors want to do their best, but simply don't understand the rules when the company is insolvent. Let us help you be compliant, and avoid any expensive mistakes.

Retained Earnings & Illegal Dividends

Drawing dividends informally to meet personal expenses is normal, but can be dangerous if your company is insolvent. We'll explain what precautions to take.

Post Petition Distributions

Every payment out of the company's bank account, any sales of assets or property, can result in a financial claim against directors. Learn how to minimise the risks...


About Kevin Pritchard

Kevin Pritchard is the Managing Director of 4R Business Recovery. He started 4R following the successful sale of his laboratory testing business in 2006 for a significant six-figure sum.

Prior to the business being sold it had gone through a debt restructuring process including a CVA. It was this journey, from insolvency to a significant investment gain, that inspired him to help other business owners.

As part of that journey, he discovered that most businesses need additional help and expertise to get the most out of the CVA process and secure a successful second chance.

For the last ten years, 4R Business Recovery has helped over 600 directors and business owners secure a second chance. Helping secure their future for themselves and their families, preserved business values, enhanced cash flow, and improved profitability.

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